Swingers resorts and holiday destinations

Spain is a fairly relaxed country, when it comes to what adults get up to in their spare time and as a result, it has been a popular choice to host swingers parties. With Spain being a number one holiday destination, it attracts people from all over the world and of course, some of those people are swingers!

Adult parties are one thing, but many parties are weekends only, so what do you do in the week, where do you meet other couples that enjoy your lifestyle? The Answer is, stay at a swinger RESORT!  Yes, there are now a few dedicated swingers holiday resorts in Spain and it appears swingers holidays are all the rage.

One such swingers resort in Lanzarote, a sophisticated holiday resort for swingers, with 77 apartments. It is a couples only resort, with no upper or lower age limit, it does allow single men and women, but ONLY if they, come with and are staying with a couple in the same apartment! Apparently, sometimes swingers like to travel in 3’s!

The swingers resort has several “play rooms”, where couples can go and enjoy some, well, swinging, if they prefer not to do it in the apartment. It has several areas, including the main outside pool and patio’s, where clothing is optional and it even has a Disco/Night bar, hosting regular entertainment.

The Costa del Sol also has quite a few “swingers parties” and the swingers resort will escort you to one, should you wish to go. They also hold swingers parties at the resort, for couples only, a time where the night bar is open to public entry and local swingers can join in the fun! The resort is located on the Costa del Sol, in Torremuelle, close to the train station, with easy access from Malaga airport.

The Costa del Sol swingers parties are busy too, with the Lovers House, a party in Alhuarin el Grande, attracting up to 200 liberal minded couples each Saturday night! You never thought swinging was so popular, did you?

Although swinging used to be the passtime of the more mature crowd, now, it is attracting a much younger crowd too! In Spain, there are many younger couples attending swingers parties and choosing to holiday on a swingers resort. Sun Tanned bodies and the feel-good factor in Spain, seems to provide the right combination to boost confidence!

Yes, on the Costa del Sol, swinger mainia is in, full swing, it appears people can’t get enough, so to speak! So, where will your next holiday be? At Butlins, or on a swingers resort!!

Source by Mark