Saving tips for New York Hotels

New York is one of the best destinations to visit at least once in a life time. New York hotel accommodation rates are fairly high and as there is much to do in the city a trip to New York can cost quite a bit. So when planning a holiday to New York, it is best to take money saving tips into consideration.

New York hotel rates fluctuate by the season. Winter is the best time, especially January to March, to find the best bargains as the rates are lower than other seasons. While Christmas in New York is an idyllic way to spend your holiday, hotel prices can sky rocket if you wait till the last minute to book; to avoid this try booking your hotel well in advance. Summer is a good time to visit New York, with lower rates, along with the month of November, just before the Christmas rush. Christmas is the most expensive and busiest season in New York.

Another money saving tip is, to avoid mid town and if possible stay at another location, as mid town hotels are more expensive than other areas in Manhattan. If you have time to travel, this is the best way to save some money for the other activities New York has on offer. Staying outside the Theatre District, where real New Yorkers live in the residential neighborhood, like Chelsea, Upper west Side, Greenwich Village and Murray Hill would be the best value for your money.

Before booking New York hotels, it is better to search for discounts and special rates. Many hotels have different promotions from time to time. Therefore before actually committing to a hotel or agent ask for discounts or search for promotions. If you travel with children, search for ‘children stay for free’ hotels, as there are many hotels that offer children a free stay or special rates.

Be wise to hidden costs and extra charges and take measures to avoid them. Before using the hotel phone, check whether it is included in your room rate or whether it carries an additional charge. Do the same check before using any of the extras such as Parking, Water, Soda, Snacks etc and avoid a huge bill at the end of your stay. It is also better to be up to date on the service charges and local taxes.

Unlike other destinations New York is actually cheaper during the weekends. Most business hotels are empty over the weekends and offer low rates, Sunday night being very cheap. Mondays and Tuesdays are expensive. Some hotels have special promotions for weekends, so that would be the ideal time to schedule your stay and thereby save money.

Book your New York hotels online. Now you can find the best rates online, while comparing the rates from many companies at the same time. Some hotels give very attractive prices for online reservations, sometimes up to 30%-40% less than the normal rate. Once you book you can ask them about any special concerns you may have.

Source by Larry Austin