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Home Cooking: Four Seasons Hotel Best Recipes You Can Do At Home – a Romantic meal for two – Four Seasons Minestrone alla Milanese with Strawberry Pie

I’ve certainly had a lot of positive feedback on my Famous Restaurant Recipes you can do at home. Chili’s Grill & Bar – Chick-fil-A – Olive Garden – Boston Market – Red Lobster.

Recently had an email from Marion S, who said, “I loved your recipes for a romantic dinner. Do you have more? From a more up-scale restaurant?”

OK – You can’t get more upscale than the Four Seasons dining room.

The story of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which opened its first hotel in 1961, is a tale of continual innovation, remarkable expansion and a single-minded dedication to the highest of standards. The Canadian-based company has, for nearly 50 years, transformed the hospitality industry by combining friendliness and efficiency with the finest traditions of international hotel-keeping. In the process, Four Seasons has redefined luxury for the modern traveller.

The Four Seasons kitchens have attracted some of the best chefs from around the world. Simple but fine dining has been their goal.

So – here we go again: You’ve met someone special – maybe through friends – maybe on one of those Romance relationship sites like eHarmony or – and you want to whip up a truly romantic dinner!

You’re looking for some great romantic dinner recipes to sweep that special guy or girl off his or her feet.

Here is an elegant – but simple – meal you can prepare at home with that fantastic Four Seasons flair:

–Four Seasons Minestrone alla Milanese–

1/4 cup olive oil

1 cup finely chopped onion

1 cup finely chopped leek, white and light green parts

1 cup finely chopped celery

2 cups finely chopped carrots

2 cups finely chopped cabbage (preferably Savoy)

1 cup green beans cut into 1/2-inch lengths

2 cups of 1/2-inch cubes of peeled boiling potatoes

1/2 cup finely chopped prosciutto

1 cup of 1/2-inch cubes of unpeeled zucchini

1 cup chopped rinsed fresh stemmed spinach

2/3 cup chopped fresh or canned tomatoes

1/2 cup tomato sauce

6 cups chicken broth

3/4 cup rice (preferably short grain Arborio)

2 cups canned cannelini beans

1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary or 1 teaspoon dried

2 tablespoons olive oil

1/4 cup minced fresh parsley

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Grated Parmesan for garnish, optional

 In a large stock or soup pot, over medium heat, heat the olive oil. Add the onion, leek, celery, carrots, cabbage, green beans and potatoes and stir for 2 minutes.

 Add the prosciutto, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes and tomato sauce and stir for another 2 minutes.

Add the chicken broth, bring to a boil and simmer, covered, over low heat for 15 minutes.

Add the rice and beans, and simmer, uncovered for 15 minutes or until the rice is tender. Remove the soup from the heat.

In a small skillet saute the rosemary in the olive oil for 30 seconds. Add this to the soup along with the parsley and cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately. Garnish with more cheese if desired.

–Four Seasons Crab Cakes–

2 pounds jumbo lump crabmeat

1/2 pound fresh codfish fillet

1/2 to 1 cup heavy cream

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

2 teaspoons sesame oil

2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley

2 tablespoons finely chopped chives

2 tablespoons basil, julienned

Salt and pepper to taste

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Olive oil for sauteing

Pick through crabmeat, removing all shells but being careful not to break up the large lumps too much. In a food processor, grind codfish until pureed. Add 1/2 cup of heavy cream and puree until incorporated. Then add more cream if needed. The mixture should be smooth and shiny, yet firm enough to hold its shape.

Place this mousse in a metal bowl and add the other ingredients, except for the olive oil. Take a small portion of the crab-cake mixture and saute in hot olive oil until golden brown. Taste to adjust seasoning. Form the rest of the crab cakes and saute in hot olive oil until golden on both sides.

Finish by baking in a 450-degree oven for 4 to 5 minutes.

Save the extra for a late night snack!

–Four Seasons Strawberry Pie–

1 cup All Purpose Flour

1/4 tsp. salt

3/4 stick butter

1 1/2 Tbsp. shortening

1/8 cup Ice water

Put flour and salt in the bowl of a food processor. Cut the butter, and shortening into the flour. Process a few seconds until the mixture resembles a coarse meal. Drop by drop add the water, processing briefly. The whole process should take about 20 to 30 seconds.

Wrap and chill for an hour. Remove from refrigerator, and let stand 15 minutes before rolling. You can double this up for a top and bottom crust.


1 cup Sugar

3 Tbsp. Corn Starch

1 pint Strawberries

1 12 oz. can 7-UP (Yes, 7-UP – it works!)

Whipped cream.

In a medium sized sauce pan combine sugar, cornstarch, and 7-UP until creamy.

Cook over a medium to a medium high heat until the mixture becomes thick. When this mixture becomes thick, cool to room temperature, and add a couple of drops of red food coloring.

Wash, and cut strawberries into quarters, or smaller depending on how large they are. Sprinkle a teaspoon or two of sugar on the strawberries, and place them into the shell.

Pour the cooled 7-Up mixture over the strawberries. Allow this to set for a few minutes. Serve with plenty of Whipped Cream.

And that’s everything you need to create a Romantic Four Seasons Dinner for Two!

Bon Appetit!

– Brian Alan Burhoe

Source by Brian Alan Burhoe

USA Resorts

The United States of America is a huge country that is surrounded by numerous beach resorts. Beach resorts in the USA offer world renowned services and excellent amenities assuring guests of a wonderful stay.

USA Facts

The US, USA or the United States of America is a huge country. It is located along the northern American region. USA is often referred to as United States, America or the US and just simply “the States”. It has a total land area of 9.6 million square kilometers which is about half the entire size of Russia and about the same land area as China.

The United States also boasts of having the 3rd largest population in the world after India and China (with about 300 million inhabitants). This wonderful and powerful country includes densely populated cities like sprawling suburbs as well as vast, naturally beautiful and uninhabited areas. The country has a history of mass immigration that dates back from the 17th century. The United States of America is considered as the melting pot of cultures around the globe.

The United States is not the depicted America of movies and television. Rather, this country is complex and diverse. Traveling between regions in this country can be expensive and time consuming due to the distances that are involved.

USA Beach Resorts in the Atlantic

Anchorage Motel – This resort and motel is located at 51 Mount Desert St. Bar Harbor, ME USA 04609. It has attractive and clean as well as spacious rooms within the heart of the Bar Harbor Family and is even operated as well as owned by people who know how to deliver professional services.

It is best to make arrangements for arrivals after 7 in the evening. Bus tours, bicycle rentals and whale watching activities as well as sight seeing, free concerts, shops, restaurants and cruises at the Village Green are easily accessible by foot from this resort. It is just about a mile from the Nova Scotia Ferry and the Acadia National Park.

This resort contains 50 rooms and 2 floors. Hotel amenities include cable television, a city center, wake-up service and telephone as well as a 24-hour front desk, air-conditioned rooms and wireless Internet access. Check in time at this hotel is at 2 PM while the check out time is at 11 in the morning the next day. You must pay in US Dollars.

Bar Harbor Inn – This hotel is located at 1 Newport Dr, Bar Harbor ME USA 04609. This hotel or resort is considered as among Bar Harbor’s premier oceanfront sites that come with great town conveniences. It is rated as superior 1st class by the Official Hotel Guide. It has more than 1000 feet of oceanfront as well as 8 acres of lush gardens and lawns. In addition, this site also has 3 distinctly beautiful buildings that are embraced by a serene shore path.

It has elegant suites and rooms, king-sized and queen-sized beds with premium beddings. Almost all rooms in this site come with waterfront balconies. Hotel amenities range from complimentary continental breakfast to wireless Internet access and luxury robes. Moreover, the hotel has an on-site restaurant called the “Reading Room Restaurant” which offers fine dining choices.

The area has 153 elegantly designed rooms and 3 floors. Hotel amenities include a fitness center, spa, pool, baby sitting services, valet services, free parking and telephone as well as meeting facilities, lounge, cable television and free newspaper. They also have coffee makers in their hotel rooms, facilities for the handicapped and they provide room services.

Source by David H. Urmann


Top Bargains for Domestic Vacations

Times are tough, and many of us do not have the money to splurge on an expensive vacation. However, there are still travel bargains to be had all over the country, if you take the time to research; including some lodging and transportation options that just might not have occurred to you. Also, a handful of popular places have managed to remain bargains despite a worsening economy.

Las Vegas has always been a relatively inexpensive vacation destination – the casinos assume you will spend all your money gambling and many things are subsidized. Even if you do not gamble, Las Vegas offers wonderful shopping, a variety of spectacular shows, and exciting nightlife. In recent years, it has become more of a family destination and it’s a great place to take the children. Even if you have been to the city many times before, there is always something new in Vegas.

Staying in one of the fancy Strip hotels can be expensive, although you should check around for special offers and deals. Las Vegas boasts several of the largest – and most expensive – hotels in the world; however you can pay between $40 to $60 for a perfectly adequate hotel room. Cheap all-you-can-eat buffets and coupon books are still available and it costs nothing to just wander around the fantastic hotels, many of which feature free shows or entrainment.

An Orlando vacation is still one of the best bargains around. Of course, there is Disney World, but the Orlando area boasts around 100 other attractions and theme parks, as well as excellent shopping, nightlife and outdoor activities. There are well over 100,000 hotel rooms to suit all tastes and budgets – consider a package that includes admission to Disney; or stay in neighboring Kissimmee, where hotel rooms are a little bit cheaper; or even further afield.

Second only to Disney World in terms of visitors is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The emphasis is also on family fun and activities here and this area offers plenty of reasonably priced hotels, outlet shopping and live shows. The area is a golfer’s paradise, with an estimated 120 golf courses scattered up and down the 60 mile stretch of coast. Food and drink are considered to be inexpensive in Myrtle Beach; and like Las Vegas, it’s easy to find various coupons and discounts for hotels, attractions and shopping. Branson, MO and Gatlinburg, TN are two other resort areas where bargains can generally be found.

Phoenix is considered a value for money destination. The city has become a resort capital of the United States; however accommodation in general is not too expensive, and the city boasts some of the best shopping anywhere, almost perfect weather year round, an estimated 100 golf courses and is within easy reach of spectacular desert scenery. A driving trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix allows you to see much of the dramatic scenery and historic sights of the Southwest.

Regardless of where you visit, there are further steps you can take to save money on accommodation. Home exchange vacations have become more popular than ever; there is usually a charge to register or join, but no charge to swap your home with somebody else for a week, live like a local and really get to experience another place. You may not have considered hostelling, but it’s not just for students and backpackers. Staying at a hostel offers a great way to see the country and to meet up with likeminded travelers. Camping does not have to be too primitive; consider renting a cabin for your next trip, which can cost as little as $50 a night.

Air travel to your destination does not have to be expensive either. Check your local airport to see if any so-called discount carriers offer service; the two major options are Southwest and JetBlue. Shop around for lower airfare and consider flying at specific times of day to get a lower fare, as well as flying from a different airport. Flying from Chicago Midway can often be cheaper than the busier O’Hare, for example. Check out airline packages, which include airfare, hotel and perhaps a rental car and are generally a lot cheaper than buying the components separately.

These days, it just doesn’t occur to most people to travel by train, but train travel can be cheaper than flying or driving, especially for a relatively short distance. Check with Amtrak for special offers or passes which allow unlimited travel within a geographical region. And long distance bus travel, for many years considered the domain of the less fortunate, is now attracting passengers from all walks of life, lured by low fares, better service and a network of almost 4,000 destinations.

Travel can be expensive and stressful. Take time to check out some options and you may just save some money on your next vacation.

Source by Lisa Parker


The 10 Most Luxurious Hotels In America

Attempting to list America’s top ten luxury hotels will always be difficult, since there are many criteria by which to judge hotels – whether they are best for business travellers, holidaymakers, families and so on. That said, here is a list of hotels that should meet the demands of the most discerning luxury traveller.

Four Seasons – Los Angeles
Billed as European grace combined with Beverly Hills style, The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles features a landscaped, rooftop pool and Jacuzzi and a luxurious full-service spa with a steam sauna. The award-winning Gardens Restaurant offers California-Mediterranean cuisine. In every room there is a high-speed Internet connection, and the hotel is ten minutes by car from downtown Hollywood.

Grand America Hotel – Salt Lake City, Utah
In downtown Salt Lake City, the 24-storey Grand America Hotel has 775 luxurious rooms and suites that feature European-style furnishings, with stunning views to the Rocky Mountains. There is a world-class spa and the fitness centre leads to indoor and outdoor pools. The in-house audio-visual systems are state-of-the-art and the popular Garden Café features American seasonal cuisine.

JW Marriott Camelback Inn – Scottsdale, AZ
This well-known Scottsdale resort, set on 125 acres of landscaped desert, includes a 36-hole championship golf course, two heated swimming pools, a luxury spa, and a large conference facility. There are 453 spacious, Pueblo-style ‘casitas’, including 27 suites, some with private pools. Resort restaurants include Golf Grill, Hoppin’ Jacks, and Sprouts.

Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown – Washington, D.C.
Located in Washington DC’s fashionable Georgetown district, with 86 guest rooms and suites, the Ritz-Carlton merges contemporary and historic architecture. Within walking distance of many shopping districts, fine dining choices, trendy nightclubs, and the waterfront, the hotel is also only minutes from the Kennedy Centre. There are meeting facilities for up to 90 people, and a fourteen-screen movie theatre.

Ritz-Carlton – Central Park South, New York
With expansive views of Central Park and extraordinary, personal service, this 261-room and 48-suite hotel is much in demand by celebrities and royalty. Elegant rooms and suites are lavish, with fine furnishings and all amenities. French cuisine is served at the Atelier restaurant, and beauty treatments are available at La Prairie salon.

The American Club – Kohler, Wisconsin
The American Club is less than an hour’s drive north of Milwaukee. Luxuriously appointed rooms are finished to the highest standards and include the latest audio-visual and communications facilities. The award-winning golf courses, Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits, give preference to hotel guests. The spa packages include rejuvenating services, and their annual cooking and wine demonstrations attract wine and food enthusiasts from far and wide.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel – Seattle, Washington
Listed on the National Register, The Fairmont has been Seattle’s top luxury hotel since it opened in 1924. Located in the heart of Seattle, The Olympic combines impeccable service with 450 beautifully appointed rooms, and its two award-winning restaurants have a top reputation for fine cuisine. Nearby attractions include the famous Pike Place Market, Seattle Waterfront, and Space Needle, plus many theatres, restaurants, and shops.

The Greenbrier- White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Since 1835, a succession of U.S. Presidents has spent their summers here. Accommodation includes estate houses and 803 individual rooms. All accommodations have top-line entertainment systems, refreshment bars, lighted vanity mirrors, individual heating/air conditioning, and access to high-speed, wireless Internet.

The Phoenician – Scottsdale, Arizona
Exceptional service and breathtaking scenery make The Phoenician a top luxury resort. Guests enjoy an $8 million dollar art collection, spa treatments and the Southwest’s most spectacular golf course. The gilded lobby has valley views, and large well-appointed rooms are finished to the highest standards. Guests can also receive massage therapies, skin and body treatments and expert hair and nail services.

Walden Country Inn & Stables – Aurora, Ohio
The Walden, set on 32 acres around a 175-year-old barn and silo, has 25 luxuriously appointed suites that include full audio and televisual facilities. In-room services include massage and a maid service. Popular for relaxing getaways, weddings and executive retreats, visitors enjoy world-class dining, inconspicuous service and a wealth of activities such as an equestrian centre, a spa and a theatre.

Source by Mark Scriven


Top Ten Dinner Restaurants in New York City to Go With Friends

New York City offers you some of the best restaurants in the world. You get the priciest as well as the cheapest meals in the NYC. The restaurants in NYC remain open all the time were you can enjoy with your friends. You can stay out and relish your food late at night as having dinner early may sound strange, unless you have some other plan.

The Celebes keep visiting some of these best restaurants in NYC as these restaurants serve the finest cuisine and is the best hang out place. Some of such restaurants are:

Buddha Bar: From the moment you enter, you will be delighted. The help, the décor, the services and most significantly the food are excellent. It can be the best place to be with friends.

Gramercy Tavern: The Tavern can be the finest place to meander late at night. The awesome food, comfortable services and the great martinis can be the best restaurant to have dinner with friends. The mouthwatering pork with the implausible parsley sauce is the best cuisine served their.

Sapa: If your friend circle demands fun and noise, Sapa can be the best restaurant in New York City to visit. The dinning room is always crammed with fresh flowers. The steak frites offered by this restaurant is an unforgettable cuisine.

Lattanzi: This is a classy restaurant that serves food very similar to the home made stuff. It is always very crowded, so it’s advisable to book your table well in advance in order to avoid last minute hassle. The décor is awesome with high quality food.

Tao: It is an excellent restaurant for the people who love sea food. The drinks served are among the best and selected ones from all over the world. The desserts like giant cookie overflowing with milk chocolate mousses can be a real treat.

Few more restaurants like, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Mr. K’s, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Tavern on the Green and Rosa Mexicano are also very famous. They serve the best cuisine with a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy with friends.

New York is blessed with a lot of restaurants that have its own unique style to represent a classic décor and leaves you missing a word as you enjoy the food which is oh, so tasty!

Source by Mario Stewart


Swingers resorts and holiday destinations

Spain is a fairly relaxed country, when it comes to what adults get up to in their spare time and as a result, it has been a popular choice to host swingers parties. With Spain being a number one holiday destination, it attracts people from all over the world and of course, some of those people are swingers!

Adult parties are one thing, but many parties are weekends only, so what do you do in the week, where do you meet other couples that enjoy your lifestyle? The Answer is, stay at a swinger RESORT!  Yes, there are now a few dedicated swingers holiday resorts in Spain and it appears swingers holidays are all the rage.

One such swingers resort in Lanzarote, a sophisticated holiday resort for swingers, with 77 apartments. It is a couples only resort, with no upper or lower age limit, it does allow single men and women, but ONLY if they, come with and are staying with a couple in the same apartment! Apparently, sometimes swingers like to travel in 3’s!

The swingers resort has several “play rooms”, where couples can go and enjoy some, well, swinging, if they prefer not to do it in the apartment. It has several areas, including the main outside pool and patio’s, where clothing is optional and it even has a Disco/Night bar, hosting regular entertainment.

The Costa del Sol also has quite a few “swingers parties” and the swingers resort will escort you to one, should you wish to go. They also hold swingers parties at the resort, for couples only, a time where the night bar is open to public entry and local swingers can join in the fun! The resort is located on the Costa del Sol, in Torremuelle, close to the train station, with easy access from Malaga airport.

The Costa del Sol swingers parties are busy too, with the Lovers House, a party in Alhuarin el Grande, attracting up to 200 liberal minded couples each Saturday night! You never thought swinging was so popular, did you?

Although swinging used to be the passtime of the more mature crowd, now, it is attracting a much younger crowd too! In Spain, there are many younger couples attending swingers parties and choosing to holiday on a swingers resort. Sun Tanned bodies and the feel-good factor in Spain, seems to provide the right combination to boost confidence!

Yes, on the Costa del Sol, swinger mainia is in, full swing, it appears people can’t get enough, so to speak! So, where will your next holiday be? At Butlins, or on a swingers resort!!

Source by Mark


Best Bangkok Girl Friendly Hotels Near Soapy Massage Parlors

Soapy massage parlors in Bangkok Thailand are definitely not the sort of places you would want to treat your mother in law to. It’s a place popular with single and not so single men who love to be bathed in a bubble filled bath tub by a beautiful Thai lady. What most men don’t know is that it’s possible to invite these ladies back to your hotel. But you have to know which hotels allow you to take a lady back to your room without getting charged a joiner fee.

In general, hotels that doesn’t charge a fee to bring a lady back to your room is called girl friendly. Otherwise you’ll get hit with a joiner fee which is usually around 500 Baht.

Bangkok’s soapy massage parlors are located along the intersection of Huay Kwang and Ratchadapisek road. Best way to get there is by using the underground train called the MRT. Get off on Huai Kwang Station and use exit 3. Once you’re up the escalators you’ll be right in front of the most popular soapy massage parlors like Nataree, Subways and Emmanuelle.

There’s another soapy massage parlor across Ratchadapidesk road called Caesar’s, but it’s best to get there by using exit 2 from the MRT station.

As I mentioned earlier, it is possible to invite a massage lady back to your room. You have to negotiate a price of course so make sure you both settle on a price. You should also agree on what time she leaves. Most importantly never pay up front. It’s an unspoken rule. You’ll only be able to meet with her after work before she can head back to your room, which is usually 1am. Sometimes it’s best to have her come to your hotel room.

Which is why you should consider staying in a hotel that has a girl friendly policy. Not unless you like paying 500 Baht. 

There are a few girl friendly hotels right on Ratchadapisek road and a lot of them are very affordable and really good quality. Most even include a free breakfast in the room rates. So it’s a good idea to book your room for two guest so that you may get two breakfast coupons. Give one to your lady of the night and maybe she’ll offer you something back in return.

Source by Jim Hunt


Saving tips for New York Hotels

New York is one of the best destinations to visit at least once in a life time. New York hotel accommodation rates are fairly high and as there is much to do in the city a trip to New York can cost quite a bit. So when planning a holiday to New York, it is best to take money saving tips into consideration.

New York hotel rates fluctuate by the season. Winter is the best time, especially January to March, to find the best bargains as the rates are lower than other seasons. While Christmas in New York is an idyllic way to spend your holiday, hotel prices can sky rocket if you wait till the last minute to book; to avoid this try booking your hotel well in advance. Summer is a good time to visit New York, with lower rates, along with the month of November, just before the Christmas rush. Christmas is the most expensive and busiest season in New York.

Another money saving tip is, to avoid mid town and if possible stay at another location, as mid town hotels are more expensive than other areas in Manhattan. If you have time to travel, this is the best way to save some money for the other activities New York has on offer. Staying outside the Theatre District, where real New Yorkers live in the residential neighborhood, like Chelsea, Upper west Side, Greenwich Village and Murray Hill would be the best value for your money.

Before booking New York hotels, it is better to search for discounts and special rates. Many hotels have different promotions from time to time. Therefore before actually committing to a hotel or agent ask for discounts or search for promotions. If you travel with children, search for ‘children stay for free’ hotels, as there are many hotels that offer children a free stay or special rates.

Be wise to hidden costs and extra charges and take measures to avoid them. Before using the hotel phone, check whether it is included in your room rate or whether it carries an additional charge. Do the same check before using any of the extras such as Parking, Water, Soda, Snacks etc and avoid a huge bill at the end of your stay. It is also better to be up to date on the service charges and local taxes.

Unlike other destinations New York is actually cheaper during the weekends. Most business hotels are empty over the weekends and offer low rates, Sunday night being very cheap. Mondays and Tuesdays are expensive. Some hotels have special promotions for weekends, so that would be the ideal time to schedule your stay and thereby save money.

Book your New York hotels online. Now you can find the best rates online, while comparing the rates from many companies at the same time. Some hotels give very attractive prices for online reservations, sometimes up to 30%-40% less than the normal rate. Once you book you can ask them about any special concerns you may have.

Source by Larry Austin


The 15 Largest Health Spas in the USA

Health spas are places for relaxation and rejuvenation. Some of the largest health spas in the USA are discussed here.

The 15 largest health spas in the USA are:
1. Dolce Salon and Spa is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a luxurious spa with 28 styling stations, 21 full service spa rooms, 10 manicure and 10 pedicure thrones, a tanning room, a make up full service center and retail boutique. It covers an area of 13,083 square feet with two stories structure. It features body treatments, facials and massage therapy.

2. 24 Hour Fitness is located in San Fernando Valley. Mark Mastrov started it in 1983 with the name “24 Hour Nautilus in San Leandro, California. Today it has 338 clubs in 16 US states. This fitness club provides full service fitness centers, saunas, and group exercise classes.

3. Inn and Spa Berkeley Spring is located in Berkeley Spring, West Virginia. It features 62 guest rooms, 5 suites and famous for their secluded guest cottages. It provides classic and excellent service for client relaxation needs.

4. Today the fourth largest health club chain is Wellbridge. It features over 45 clubs in 16 markets of fitness and wellness spa for working professionals and fitness enthusiasts. It is a concept of fitness, wellness, sports, and fun.

5. Nirvana Spa is located in Miami Beach, Florida. It features unique spas, 4 exotic steam rooms, massage, and yoga and workout facilities.

6. California Health & Longevity Institute has a total area of 40,000 square foot spa, which offers combination of Asia and Western rituals and strategies in the world of holistic treatments and therapy. This institute provides lifestyle transformation thru life advisor therapy to clients. It also houses a medical clinic, which provides medical assessments to complete the personalized life planning experience.

7. Evergreen spa offers treatments of combined touch approaches and organic products, which believe in holistic, approach spa.

8. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa is a complete resort spa. It includes 5 pools and a two-storey health spa with fitness center covering 22 oceanfront acres. This place allows clients to experience canoe riding, underwater tours, and club activities. It also contains a library, bars, and restaurants.

9. Evensong Spa is located in the wooded acres of Green Lake, Wisconsin. It is a complete picture of woods, wetland, trails, and paths. It provides relaxation and healing services thru the combination of natural and modern products. The best feature this place can offer is their famous indoor labyrinth. This winding path allows customers to improve their brain activities.

10. The Spa at the Balboa Bay Club features nine treatment rooms, hot whirlpool, eucalyptus steam room, lounge with fireplace, and beauty amenities. It is located in Newport Beach, California. Customers get ultimate relaxation while bay viewing.

11. Spa Solage is a geothermal spa located at Solage Calistoga Resort in Calistoga, California. It has an area of 20,000 square feet, wide enough to allow customers to experience full transformation and relaxation with 14 stylish treatment rooms like the mud bar, fitness classes, beauty retreats hosted by professionals.

12. AquaMedica is a day spa located at Long branch, New Jersey. It is the best day spa in New Jersey which includes eleven treatment rooms, steam room, and color therapy shower. It offers treatments for men, women, and teens. It occupies an area of 5000 square feet facility with a water theme.

13. CopperWynd Resort and Club is located in between Scottsdale and Fountain Hills. It is a place of organic healing and rejuvenation allowing customers to appreciate nature. It offers relaxation while enjoying vacation or doing club activities.

14. Littlefield Cottage is another spa of combined ancient arts and modern strategies towards healing and transformation. Healthcare professionals provide wellness programs customized to the needs of the customers. It is located in Dahlonega, Georgia.

15. Bella Vita Retreat is located in a beach near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One can choose between the Bella Boot Camp and a Private Weight Loss Retreat.

Source by Christa Kowalczyk


Luxury Beach resorts around the world

The most magnificent  and spectacular Luxury beach resorts are found scattered all over the United States, Canada, Caribbean, South Pacific, Australia and Asia. At any one of the best beach resorts, one take escape from the harrowing hustle and bustle of city life enjoying the best beach vacations with family, friends or just as a honeymoon couple.

The Breakers Palm Beach in Palm Beach, Florida is one of the best beaches one can enjoy.  Internationally acclaimed, this is one of the best beach resorts as the oceanfront location is ideal for a getaway.  The bedrooms are tastefully designed and the weather makes it deal for holidaymakers to bask in the sun or simply soak in the luxury hotels beach activities.

One of the top beach resorts in Australia is Hayman on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. The best beach vacations with memories of scuba diving emanate from this hotel, which is one of the best Luxury beach resorts in the world.

Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Italy offers the best luxury beach resort overlooking the harbor.  Many wealthy families make this their summer playground and enjoy the water sports, which make this place one of the best beach vacations in Europe.

The Royal Palm Hotel in Mauritius is of the top beach resorts in the world.  The exotic sandy white beaches and cool breeze from the Indian Ocean makes this the best luxury beach resort for either relaxing and unwinding with massages or engaging in water sports like windsurfing, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing.

For an exclusive romantic getaway, Le Meridien lle des Pins in New Caledonia presents one of the best luxury beach hotels in the world.  Half way between Australia and Fiji, this luxury hotels beach of the French Procterate lies in the middle of the Coral Sea. The Melenesians are friendly, the food is exotic and the atmosphere permeates with old world charm.

The Elounda Beach Hotel in Crete, Greece ranks as one of the best beach resorts in the world.  At this luxury hotels beach, Thassalotherapy, a combination of seawater and sea air provides relief and rejuvenation for vacationers who wish to de-stress and relax.

The Copacabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is widely acclaimed as one of the top beach resorts in Rio.  The ultimate in luxury and comfort and celebrities and politicians make this their favorite getaway spot as it ranks as one of the best luxury beach hotels.

The Hotel Martinez in Cannes uses its private beach. The reception, extravagantly designed, has a serene ambiance and this ranks as one of the best Luxury beach resorts.

The Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinbfaru, in the Maldives, is a vacationer’s paradise.  One of the best luxury beach hotels, this is an ideal romantic getaway spot for couples who wish to bask in the tropical sunshine with warm gentle breezes wafting across the beaches.  This beach, situated in the North Male Atoll is the epitome of relaxation and calm.

Source by Mike Greaves